Thursday, May 15, 2008

"In place of economic self-interest, Christians will strive for an economics of sharing and care; competitive individualism replaced by community cooperation: an economics of exploitation gives way to an economics of stewardship; unceasing economic growth is replaced by a contented lifestyle of 'enough'; and in the face of an oppressive politics of power and control, Christians will seek justice through service and cross-bearing."
- Brian Walsh

If only.

Friday, May 9, 2008

to hell

To hell with it all.
We'll run away,
and the note will say,
don't be expecting us back
anytime soon.
Or ever.

Damn it all.
We'll leave this place,
this godforsaken place.
We'll hop the train,
and get out of here:
as far away from here
as ever there was.

We won't need the money
or these useless possessions
that clutter and serve only
to gather dust.
We'll leave it all behind
on memory lane.
And then forget it all.

To hell with it all.
And to hell.