Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Summary?

You made me laugh,
we rolled joints,
we we swam in the lake,
smoked too many cigarettes
and made pancakes.
Remember when we fell
over Jimmy Hendrix's feet?
Well, that was the moment
I fell for you.
You make me feel alive,
you make me want to live.
And yes, you showed me miracles.
but I would be lying
if I said they weren't
couple with some devastating
blows of disappointment.
I've never expected much
from anyone,
but for me honesty tops the list.
There is still so much to you
that is hidden, a mystery
beyond me,
yet I dealt benefits of the doubt
like there was no tomorrow.
Now tomorrow has arrived,
and I have no regrets
but I'm hurting, and I blame
no one but myself.
Vulnerability, perhaps honesty,
will make fools of us all,
and so perhaps you were
the clever one,
writes the fool.

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