Thursday, November 15, 2012

Dear Life,

I've been wondering,
why is happiness inequitable?
Why do you cater more
to some socio-economic groups
than to others?
Why, when I enjoy a meal,
do millions of others
sit hunched over in hunger,
and what did I ever do
to deserve such a privilege?
Why does it seem nothing
but your very ambition
to distribute inequality?
You're dealing shitty hands
like there's no tomorrow.
Are you biased?
An asshole?
Who decides the rations,
and why don't they
fuck up less?
I know I'm fortunate,
I have opportunities, I'm lucky,
if I take these I can help,
maybe make the world a bit better,
And I know to squander my life,
to take it all for granted,
would be like spitting
in the face of those
who don't have food,
an education,
a job,
or a chance at any of the above.
But sometimes
it feels as though
the only way to express
the truest contempt
for the depth of injustice
embedded in reality,
the fibres of injustice woven through
all we stand upon,
is to escape reality altogether.
I don't want to spit in the face
of those less fortunate,
and believe me if reality
had a more discernible face
it would be my target.
I'm sorry I'm not more
of a success.
Sometimes I think,
to deny reality,
to vanish wholly from it,
would be the biggest
middle finger
it could ever receive.
Much more than a 'no, thank you',
a 'what the fuck',
an 'I hate you',
or even an 'I want nothing to do with you'.
It's an outright
'I will not exist as long as you do,
and if that means forever,
then so be it'.
It's the biggest slap in the face
upon principle alone
that life has ever seen.
And so, life,
today that's what I think.
And some days we don't get along,
and I don't know how to reconcile
our differences.
Any thoughts?

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